Pastel Partner Advanced course

Course detail

Pastel Partner Advanced V12

Duration:         2 days (Exam can be written in your own time)

Where:            Life Style Centre, Bella Rosa Village,

When:            14 & 15 March 2016

Exam:             1 x Included (Value R520)

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Pastel Course at Bella Rosa

Pastel Course at Bella Rosa

 Course Content:

Advanced Functions in the File Menu

  • Consolidating companies
  • Export / Import
  • Data integrity
  • Send and receive accountant data
  • Printer / font setup

Advanced Functions

  • User Setup
  • Creating a new entry type
  • Editing the tax box
  • Budgetspastel authorised training centre creative minds Bellville
  • Projects
  • Depreciation
  • Accruals
  • Purchase of an asset
  • Tax in the General Journal
  • Using a salaries and wages control account

Advanced Customer Functions

  • Multiple delivery addresses
  • Discounts and special prices
  • Make one for all feature
  • Processing an RD cheque
  • Accounting for bad debts
  • Mail merge feature

Advanced Supplier Functions

  • Additional cost invoices
  • Processing invoices with customs tax

Advanced Functions in the Change Menu

  • Delete history / clear files
  • Delete inactive Customers / Suppliers
  • Open item / balance forward conversions
  • Reconcile / unreconciled cash book
  • Renumber codes
  • Block Customers / Suppliers assistant

Advanced Functions in the Utility Menu

  • Control centre
  • Microsoft Office integration

Other Advanced Functions

  • Forms designer
  • Inventory selling price adjustment

Sage Pastel Report Writer

  • Identifying the different syntaxes
  • General Ledger Report Writer

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