Basic Beginner Package

Computers for Beginners

For those that are completely new to a Computer we offer the Basic Beginner Package. This consist of the foundation of how to use the computer as well as the most important applications that is used in the work environment (or self enrichment!)

The course will literally start on where to switch the computer ON and OFF.

It consist of the following programs:

This short intro gets you acquainted with the parts and components that make up your computer system and familiarize yourself with the language that users refer to.

WINDOWS 7 or 10 (LEVEL 1)
This is recommended for a total beginner who has little or no knowledge of computers. This module teaches you the very basics, i.e. opening and closing programs, creating a basic document and using cut, copy, paste, bold, etc., features, saving and printing a document.

Learn to create and edit documents, i.e. letters, using the basic features of Word.

Learn to create spreadsheets as well as using basic formulas (plus, minus, division and multiplication) for easy and repetitive calculations.

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