My company training

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Make sure that no one in your team is keeping the rest behind because of his or her lack of proper computer skills. This frustrates colleagues and causes your business to not function optimally. It just makes sense to have a strong chain.

Our place or yours?

At our training centre

You can send any employee at times that will suit the business, or if you have a group that you would like to up skill, we can run classes for them. Are training centre is open from Monday till Saturday and your employees can come at times that suits them or the business.

We also offer some courses over 1 or 2 days as public courses at our centre where you can just send your employees to attend the course.

On-Site Training

We can come to you! If you have 4 or more learners that must attend a course then we come to your premise. We provide the laptops, you the venue. There is no additional cost and we are normally very accomodating with dates that suits you.

In today’s world it is becoming more worthwhile to keep up with the advancement of computer technology. With our highly effective onsite computer training courses we will help to educate your staff by enhancing their current skills, reducing frustration and improving their overall productivity.

If the success of your company and the expansion of your own career depends on awareness and usage of the latest improvements and ideas in technology, then our on-site courses, which encompass the very best new thinking, examples of current and best practice and applied research are for you and your organization!

We can also offer an online pre-assessment to determine the current skills set. Click here for Word and Excel Pre Assessment

All of the necessary learning tools are provided, including class notes, computers and software. All we require is a meeting room. Our unique training style will ensure no topic is unexplored, no question remains unanswered, and all participants exit the course more knowledgeable than when they entered.

Assessment: An assessment is given to each participant in the course. If completed successfully they will receive a Certificate of Competence. Alternatively we provide a Certificate of Attendance. Although not required for short courses we can also offer the full summative assessment (POE) at an additional cost.

Customization: We can also train on specific documents that you use and are expecting your staff to use effectively. Our unique style will ensure no topic is unexplored, and no question remains unanswered.

Small classes: All we require is a minimum of 4 participants to present a course on your site. If there are fewer attendants we will provide you with a training voucher for any courses at our training centre to be used later. We recommend a maximum class size of 8 to ensure that each participant gets individualized attention.


Are you interested in offering your employees or unemployed youth with learnership? We have partnered with Edge Training where training are offered with some class training coupled with online training. This training is also not only limited to IT Qualifications but various other qualifications like general management and learnership.

Since Edge Training are a BBBEE Level 1 training provider which is higly experience we can help you to get up to 76 points for your BBBEE scorecard while improving the productivity of your business and with substantial tax benefits. This is good news for HR and the Finance Department.