Yes, I am interested. I have some questions!

We do hope that you join us at Creative Minds and we are confident that you will enjoy your learning experience.

Maybe you have some other questions that is not covered here. If so, please ask us.



1st Floor Bellville Mall (Above Spar) Bill Bezuidenhout, Bellville


Easy accessible with enough free parking and public transport. Our entrance is next to the Spur on the 1st level.

Creative Minds Bellville

How does the training work?

Maybe you have attended computer training before – for many it is frustating because the speed is either to slow or to fast or you do not want to ask questions out of being afraid that is might sound stupid or you do not want to held up the rest of the class? With us there is nothing like this. You can come at times that suits you, work at your pace that is easy for you but with us providing the 1 on 1 support whenever you need this. This makes for a relaxed environment to learn and the proof is in the results of learners actually understanding the program. Rest also assured that all our training are NQF Aligned.


What hours are you open?

We are open daily from 9am-4pm, Saturdays from 9-12 and upon appointment we offer classes on Wednesday till 7pm.



Can I come when it suits me?

Yes, we have 3 blocks every day that you can book when it suits you. We will be ready for you!


Can I split payments?

Yes, certainly. When you register for a package price individuals can split it over 2 payments of 50% each. SIngle courses are paid upfront. Talk to us about a payment plan that can work for you. Also note that we accept either Cash of EFT. Here is our banking details:

  • Infinity Deals 126 cc
  • Nedbank Cheque Account
  • Branch: 103910
  • Account: 1103556851

Do I receive a certificate and manuals?

Yes, we are fully accredited with MICT Seta and we provide you with a certificate. All your manuals remains your property.


What duration is the course?

We do not measure the time, it is all about you completing it successfully. In our pricelist we provide you with the average duration. For our popular basic beginner package the average duration is about 35-45 hours. If you come in for lets say 12 hours per week, it will take about one month to complete the course. You can decide how often you can come in and for how long. We advise normally about 3 hour session, but that remains your (or your employers) choice.

What must I do to register?

Registration is quick. Just pay us a visit and after the 5 minute registration you can start immediately! We hope to see you soon!!