Basic Beginner Package

Who needs this course?

Unsure how to use a computer? 

Would you like to become computer literate? 


If your answer is yes then this is the course for you. This is also our most popular course because it takes you from the start and learn the foundation of the most important programs in the workplace

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What will I Learn?

This short intro gets you acquainted with the parts and components that make up your computer system and familiarize yourself with the language that users refer to.

This is recommended for a total beginner who has little or no knowledge of computers. This module teaches you the very basics, i.e. opening and closing programs, creating a basic document and using cut, copy, paste, bold, etc., features, saving and printing a document.

Learn to create and edit documents, i.e. letters, using the basic features of Word.

Learn to create spreadsheets as well as using basic formulas (plus, minus, division and multiplication) for easy and repetitive calculations.


What is my next step?

You are welcome to visit us to register. Takes 5 minutes and you can start. The average duration is about 45 hours – some people take quicker and some longer. At Creative Minds we do not measure the time. It is about YOU completing is successfully and understanding it.


Investment Cost:

The total investment cost for this course is R3 600. This includes the registration and the certificate. Individuals that would like to register are also welcome to pay this off over 2 payments (R1800 upon registration and the balance before they are finished)

Optional internet package (save!)

If you are interested you register for our internet and email package with our basic beginner package for only R2 200 extra. You will learn how to use Microsoft Outlook and the Internet with confidence. Normally this is R3 650, so you save R1 450!


Become Computer Literate today with your certificate as proof. Contact us now for more information.


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