Falke Case Study

Case Study: Falke Socks

Falke Eurosocks might be well-known for the excellent quality socks that they manufacture. However, since February they are also known for the quality of Excel skills that are part of this progressive company.

Problem: Planning of all the different production runs is vital for effectiveness of the many production lines. Order details are imported to Excel and calculated on what needs to be manufactured when and in what quantities. Supervisors that are supposed to enter updated information and understand the implication of different formulas were uncertain of the correct production runs and used a guesstimate on the total. They were unsure of how to use the Excel sheets properly. This led to too short or wrong productions runs. This all created extra costs and delays in delivery for the factory.

Falke Computer TrainingSolution: With careful planning by their SDF, Andre de Beer, they submitted training plans to their Seta with the intention to improve the Excel skills level of all their supervisors and admin staff. Firstly, all learners completed a 5 minute online self-assessment to determine the current skills level of everyone. Creative Minds then brought their own computers and transformed their training room into a computer training room. Staff came in everyday for 2 hours per session. This enabled them to remain productive on the factory floor and remain afresh during the whole course. In total 41 learners attended the Excel training program and most of them completed multiple levels. This was done during February and March 2016. It was decided that to be recorded on the MICT Seta database and get the formal recognition, a full POE (Portfolio of Evidence) would be submitted. Because this was all accredited training they could claim this investment back from their Seta.
The results: The feedback from the learners was very positive. The fact that they had the capacity and confidence to use Excel effectively ensured that productivity is higher, less extra short runs due to incorrect calculation occurred and customers will have their products sooner. Admin and support staff also had the opportunity to develop their Excel skills to an advanced level.

Here is some of the feedback from learners:
Louise Perumal: “Thank you very much the time given and the facilitator in assisting me, really made me start to like using a computer! The knowledge learnt by me is well worth it!”

Deloris Abels: “I enjoyed the training, because the instructor was friendly and helpful. This will help me a lot in my workplace”

Levi Buys: “For a person who don’t work with the computer daily I find it really interesting to do changes without even have to re-check all the time”

Susan Josephs: “It was good to do the training I learn a lot and understand it much better now”

Maria Fortuin: “So Excited to have all this new information now. Started to have great ideas and now I can put on Excel.”

Christopher George: “I always wanted to prepare documents, now I am able to do so. I’ve learned a lot like saving, shading, special effects, how to create formulas and the different types of documents and types available”