What you will learn in our MS Excel Courses.Excel

You can do the course in Excel 2010 or 2016.

Creative Minds© - Excel 2016 (Level 1) US 116937

                         Duration:   8 hours

Chapter One: Getting to know Excel
Chapter Two: Entering Data in a Spreadsheet
Chapter Three: Manipulating data in a Spreadsheet
Chapter Four: Basic Formulas
Chapter Five: Editing a Spreadsheet
Chapter Six: Formatting a Spreadsheet
Chapter Seven: Special Functions
Chapter Eight: Printing a Spreadsheet
Chapter Nine: More Practise
Chapter Ten: Saving Options

Creative Minds® MS Excel – Level 2

Duration:             10 - 11 hours

This is a course for a user who know the basics of spreadsheets or who have completed the Excel – Level 1 module.

Areas covered in this module are:
                Working with different worksheets
                Copying data
                More advanced formulas: Percentage, average, etc
                Creating charts
                Advanced formatting of cells
                Printing options
              Sorting data 

Document templates and a lot more...

Microsoft® Excel - Level 3 (Unit Standard 116943)

Duration: 18 hours(±)

Chapter One: Importing Data
Chapter Two: Named Ranges
Chapter Three: Large Documents
Chapter Four: Conditional Formatting
Chapter Five: Filtering Data
Chapter Six: Sorting Data
Chapter Seven: Sub Totals
Chapter Eight: Charts
Chapter Nine: Objects
Chapter Ten: Linking Worksheets
Chapter Eleven: Hide/Unhide
Chapter Twelve: Advanced Display Features
Chapter Thirteen: Macros
Chapter Fourteen: Functions
Chapter Fifteen: Goal Seek
Chapter Sixteen: Scenarios
Chapter Seventeen: Pivot Tables
Chapter Eighteen: Protection